Amelia Furman's Open Studio Tour

Over the weekend, Ryan and I headed down to Ridley Park in Philly to check out Amelia Furman's Open Studio Event weekend in her home. (Which by the way is a great idea, and will most definitely plan on doing next year!)  I met Amelia at the New Hope Arts festival...she won Best in Show for Fine Art, and I just had to check out her work.  Firstly, I was struck by how unique her artistic approach is...secondly, I instantly connected to her work because her process is incredibly similar to mine - with very different results, and finally, her son Ethan is almost the same age as Ryan. It's not often I meet other artists with kiddos my age.

Like with my process, she also uses a collage substrate under her paintings.  She has some great close ups and demonstration photos on her website www.ameliafurman.com.  Much of her work goes a step further with a resin coating over top of the painting.  It gives the surface a super high gloss that really brings out the layers underneath.  The thing I love the most about her work is how the reflections in the surface also add to the layers in each piece, so depending on the lighting and location, the image is in a constant state of change.

If you have a second, please check out her website or head over and "like" her facebook page.   Ryan and I purchased an original piece just for him to hang in his room.

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