Top of the World

"Top of the World"
Oil on Canvas
While walking around High Falls, in Rochester, NY we came across the old BeeBee power plant station.  You can get a really good view of it from the Rennes bridge.  Someone at the Corn Hill festival mentioned that it was going to be torn down next year, which makes me feel grateful that I had a chance to paint it before it was gone. 

My brother-in-law, Scott, an avid adventurer - said that he and his friends call it Top of the World...with some crazy story of climbing the fire escapes to the top. So, that's what I went with for the name, and I really think it fits. 


Prints on Etsy

I want to make things as simple as possible for people to purchase prints.  I am working on developing a website - future name teresahaag.com - but that still has a ways to go, so I decided to put prints of my originals up on Etsy. 
teresa haag art on etsy
To make things simple, I put all of my prints up as 8x10 at $24 a piece.  If a larger size is desired, a customer can send me a message and I'll post a custom listing.  Hopefully, Etsy will add a size feature in the future. 


Wings of Progress

"Wings of Progress"
24x30 Oil on Canvas
This piece was a live demo that I started on day two of the Corn Hill Arts Festival. This is a street scene of downtown Rochester, NY.  It's taken from the vantage point of Exchange Street looking at the Times Square Building.  I decided on "Wings of Progress" which is the proper name of the wings on top of the building.


Corn Hill Art Festival

Our very first booth at an arts festival is now under our belt.   We met so many wonderful artists, patrons and staff during our stay this weekend.  We learned a lot, sold some stuff and made some friends.  It was great having Eric with me all weekend...he was able to help answer questions and handle the transactions...oh, and his muscles came in handy with setting up the tent.  He also broke away for awhile and did some recon work to get ideas for the next festival - which is still to be decided, but....I am in the process of applying for the Park Ave Fest in Rochester Aug 4th and 5th.  More to come. 

We bought our little tent on craigslist and it didn't come with any set up instructions...so, it took us a few tries. But, once it was up it was perfect.
We decided on a gallery style set up.
I did two live demo paintings during the festival.

Here is the start of my Rochester skyline painting...still without a name.
In progress...
I'll be working this week on the two live paintings that I started at the festival, and I'll post updates as I go.  After that, I'll have to see what I'm in the mood to paint. I'd love to have some name suggestions for the Rochester skyline painting.  Leave your ideas in the comments...here is a closeup


"Quiet Alley"

"Quiet Alley"
Oil on Canvas
"Quiet Alley" - Phoenixville is full of great little streets and alleyways.  This one has been in my queue for awhile.  I am finding myself drawn to street signs lately.