Powell Street, San Fran

Powell Street, San Francisco
Mixed Media

Powell Street, San Francisco
Early on in 2009 I went on a trip to San Francisco for business. I was able to get out one evening and walk around downtown and came across Powell Street and the cable cars. I took lots of photographs and did a quick sketch while I was standing at the bottom of the hill. I started this painting in the summer of 2009 and set it aside for months. Here it is, finished. I was looking at the painting early this week and just felt that it needed more work. One night after my son hit the hay, I sat down in my studio and it just flowed out of me. I love the final piece. It has inspired me to explore this medium more. (acrylic, charcoal and clear gesso).  I had to switch over to acrylic from oils when I became pregnant and when my son was born I've been afraid to switch back over to oil until I get a proper ventillation system set up in my studio since it is right next to his bedroom.


"Powell Street" won Best in Show 2012
Member's Show
Phoenix Village Art Center

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