Oil on Canvas
Over the summer, while visiting family in Rochester, I decided to take a drive down to Charlotte and see the marina and walk along the beach on Lake Ontario.  I lived in the area in my early 20s and spent a lot of time there growing up.  I especially like the walk up the old pier.  Back in 2004, they replaced the old rickety Stutson Street Bridge with a new model.  The old bridge was metal and had those grates for the floor.  I remember riding over it in the back seat of my parents car and hearing the hum of the tires on the grates.  Sometimes, we would get stuck on it when tall boats had to pass through and it shook and swayed with traffic. I remember hearing about a police chase which headed over the bridge.  They started to raise it up to prevent the man on the run from crossing, but instead of stopping he gunned it - and made it across.  Talk about "just like the movies".

The vantage point of this piece is from the top of the new bridge looking over the marina on the Genesee River.  The river empties into Lake Ontario which you can see in the background. I started this piece during the Park Ave Fest in August, and just finished it up over the weekend.

Sold - Private Collection.

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