Studio Scare

Holy S&%#!  [INSERT LOTS MORE EXPLATIVES]  Tonight, while sitting at my computer working on my bookkeeping, with some silly reality tv show playing in the background, a black swish came flying by my head.  Bat!  Bat!  Flying around the studio.  Me - leaping from my chair into the hallway barricading the door with big canvases because the door is blocked by my table full of paints. No way this bat is getting into the house! It finally settled onto a little ledge, I ran down and grabbed Eric, and with the creative use of a laundry basket and box top, the bat is safely out of the window.  I am now flying high on an adrenalin rush, and figured that in a few days it may be comical.  For now, I am just glad its gone and I have my studio back to myself.
My Studio - pre bat scare!

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