Hotel Arcata

It's crunch time.  April is my solo show at the Phoenix Village Art Center.  So, I'm on a mission right now.  The boys are in NY with their grandma for the next few days. So, I am free to paint and prepare.  I've been working on a couple of different projects.  Tonight, I'll share with you my Hotel Arcata piece. 

In 2008, Eric and I took a road trip around the country.  We spent a few days driving up the Pacific Coast Highway and pulled over in Arcata for the night.  The night we got in, we put our bags in the room and roamed around for a bit.  We found a great little pizza joint and stopped at a gritty little pub to listen to a band that was playing.  When we woke up, it was cold and draped in fog.  There was a park in the center of town that was full of teenagers sleeping on benches and lining the walls of the businesses along the street.  
Hotel Arcata
Oil on Canvas 2013

Progress Photos
Left - Final Image
Top Right - Pencil Sketch
Middle Right - Block in
Bottom Right - Almost Finished

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