2013 is here...what's in store?

Isn't it funny how your brain isn't really able to focus on the new year until the tree is down and the lights all packed away? Christmas has always been my most favorite time of year, but I was really ready to move forward into the new year this time around. Not because 2012 was bad - in fact 2012 was a game changer for us...but because I am just so excited to see what this year has to bring.

My solo show is in April. Pretty much all my efforts these days are directed toward work for the show. I was feeling bad about my lack of activity on my blog, Facebook, twitter...blah, blah, blah. Here's the deal, I will post when I can and when I can't, it's because I am in the studio painting. Quality over quantity, right?

I am in the midst of outdoor exhibition applications. As my acceptance emails come in, I'll post the dates and details in the right sidebar of the blog and on my website.

South Philly Rooftops
36x48 Oil on Paper Covered Canvas

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