Manayunk Bridge

"Manayunk Bridge"
Oil on Canvas
Here is an update on "Manayunk Bridge". I finished it up last night - however, there are a few little tweaks that I still need to make. The editing process seems to doddle along. It is such a rarity to sign a painting and then just leave it be. The more I stare, the more I hear it calling for a little adjustment here, and a little nudge there. That's ok though. You can certainly get the idea of what the finished piece will look like.

I've got the upcoming Corn Hill Arts Festival next weekend. I will be bringing all of my large originals and prints that I had made up. I will also be bringing along some of my smaller originals. (11x14s, 8x10s and 5x7s) - they seemed to be quite popular at the Manayunk festival.

As for selling the large originals, at first I was hesitant because I have been really focused on preparing for my solo show. I've been asking the patrons who purchase if they would mind lending the artworks back to me for a month during my solo show in 2013...so far, everyone has agreed.

Our cousin, Matthias Finke, who is an amazing photographer, will be showing at the festival as well. He has an extra tent that he was going to lend us - but it didn't have any sides. He warned us that if it rained we'd be in trouble. We checked on craigslist and found a decent deal on a once used festival tent. [Gulp] So we went ahead and purchased it.

It's a little scary and a little awesome all at once.  One thing that I am starting to finally get is that I just need to make the art that fills me up. I can't help but go back to the Dori reference on Owen's favorite movie - Finding Nemo...."just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming". I have more to say on that particular topic, but will save it for another day - as I have so much eff'n work to do. :)

***Manayunk Bridge Purchase info - Dibs were called on this (unfinished at the time) painting by a couple at the Manayunk Art Festival....so I promised that I would give them first pick. I will post updated availability if things change

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