Count down to Opening Night

Last May, I put a couple of pieces into the members show at the Phoenix Village Art Center.  To my excitement, one of the pieces I entered took home best in show, to which I was given a solo show.  Dale Shuffler, a ceramic sculptor, also took home a best in show for a 3D piece that he entered.  So, we are sharing the space at the art center throughout the month of April.

I've been editing and adding to my body of work for the show over the past 10 months. Now, just 4 weeks away, the anticipation is building and I'm definitely feeling like we are in crunch time.  So, I'm going to make an attempt to keep an updated blog -daily is my goal- partly because I think it will be interesting to follow the 30 days leading up to a show, and partly because I'd like to remember this years from now.

I just finished up the postcards (shown above).  I ordered them through Vistaprint for a great price.

Here is a new piece that I am just now wrapping up...
Opening Night
20x20 Oil on Newspaper Covered Canvas
©2013 Teresa Haag

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